Networking For An Inclusive Community (NIC)

Seeds of Change- Mental Health and Substance Use Information for Refugees and Immigrants

The Seeds of Change project focuses on improving informal and formal supports for refugees and immigrants experiencing mental health or substance use issues. Resources and trainings have been developed with much input by the refugees and immigrants, settlement workers, teachers, faith leaders and mental health and addiction service providers and can be accessed here.

The project was started by NIC, London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership and the London Middlesex War Trauma group in response to concerns about the lack of understanding and appropriate supports for refugees and immigrants experiencing mental health, mental illness and/or addiction issues. Resources include handouts for refugees and immigrants, a train the trainer presentation and toolkit for the informal support workers such as settlement workers, teachers and faith leaders. Part of that toolkit includes cultural competency presentations specific to addictions and mental health for informal support workers and mental health and addiction workers.

How Do You Feel Today?

“How do you feel today?” is about mental health, substance use and stigma and is offered in pamphlet form in 4 different languages and with more information in the booklet in 2 different languages. These resources are for refugee and immigrants wanting or needing mental health and substance use information. We have found they are best shared by a support person or professional if the person is indicating they or someone in their life is having issues and looking for information. They can be downloaded and the page of services can be adapted to your area.


  • It was great learning. I had a couple of moments that had the “light bulb” come on about certain situations I had in the past.

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